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What are cases Tylka Law has handled?
A Tylka Law has handled many notable cases ranging from semi-trucking accidents to BP explosion claims.

  • Settled BP explosion personal injury claims.
  • Haygood acquitted of attempted capital murder charge, Lawrence M. Tylka, attorney.
  • Achieved a million-dollar settlement of a Jones Act seaman death case.
  • Achieved a confidential settlement of a products liability claim involving a closed head injury to a minor child.
  • Sued the University of Texas Medical School — Galveston and others for body selling.
  • Sued the University of Texas Medical School — Galveston to recover a wrongfully retained body.
  • Filed suit and seized the Pride of Galveston Cruise Ship for unpaid salaries and personal injuries of crew members.
Can you provide a cash advance for my claim?
AThis depends on your situation, but often-times Tylka Law is able to provide a cash advance or other assistance for your needs.
How long will my case take?
ACases depend on a variety of factors, but our average turnaround is 2 to 6 months depending on the situation.  Some cases take much less time – Tylka Law has settled some cases in a matter of just a couple weeks.
How much are consultations?
AConsultations with Tylka Law are 100% free!  Give us a call or contact us using the form below to get started.


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