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Driver is Fugitive in Garland Hit & Run

There is a certain amount of inherent risk when traveling on foot through areas that are open to traffic. Pedestrians in Texas and elsewhere are advised to comply with roadway regulations such as those that govern the use of crosswalks, crossing lights and more. Still, even when a pedestrian behaves according the utmost level of accepted safety standards, tragedy can occur when a hit and run accident takes place.

If a person is injured by a car while crossing the street, a legal claim can be filed in a civil court to seek compensation for damages. Many times, such accidents result in very serious injuries that require long-term medical care and daily living assistance. Such care is expensive, and a recovering victim may not have been prepared to meet these types of expenses.

In a successfully litigated claim, the court can award compensation that can be used to help offset some of the costs associated with a victim’s injuries. Sadly, many pedestrian accidents result in fatalities. In such circumstances, an immediate family member is able to act on behalf of a decedent in court.

Garland Authorities are Looking for a Gold Mustang

Authorities in Texas are reportedly continuing their search for the driver of a vehicle involved in a recent hit and run accident. The tragedy took place on a recent Saturday evening in Garland, and eye witnesses described the vehicle as a gold-colored Ford Mustang convertible. The woman who was crossing the street when she was struck by the car did not survive her injuries. In similar situations, once law enforcement agents locate a vehicle and driver deemed responsible for a pedestrian’s death, the family members of the victim would be able to begin the process of seeking justice through the legal system.

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