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Stay Safe During Road Trips

It’s fast coming to a close–Labor Day weekend is just a few days away and many people will be heading to Galveston for some sunshine and a suntan. It’s the last long weekend of the summer, and a perfect time for a family outing. But many other people will be following your lead–and with more cars on the road, comes more possibilities for accidents.

There are a few ways to stay safe and limit the possibility of a collision. When heading out Monday morning, consider the tips below for a safe and happy journey.

Top tips for staying safe on a busy road

Being mindful of other drivers on the road is the key to a safe journey. Remember: you may be driving safely, but that doesn’t mean other drivers are. Remaining aware of your surroundings and the driving pattern of others is essential.

In addition, here are some tips to help ensure safe travel for you and your family:

Kids in car seats: Children are precious cargo and children eight years old and under need to be in some sort of restraint system. Fines for not complying? Up to $250.00

Buckle Up: As the driver, you set the example. Buckle up and ensure all passengers do as well. Fines for a family of four who fail to click‑it can run up to $650.00

Go commando: With your phone that is. As soon as you put your car in drive, put the phone in your purse or glovebox. No one said you couldn’t check it at rest stops, but texting and driving is illegal. Fines can range up $500.00 And remember, this is family time! Make memories–and not ones of being pulled over by a cop. Do you really want your kids repeating that story every Christmas for the foreseeable future?

Mind your speed: Sure everyone wants to get where they are going in a timely fashion. But speeding increases your risk of collisions. You and your family’s well-being simply aren’t worth the risk or the fines–which can run as high as $300.00

Toast the end of your day: Save the adult beverages for your return home. Nothing says smart-parenting like waiting to have a drink after you are done driving. That cold beer is going to taste much better on your back porch–without the threat of a drunk driving arrest. Fines? Up to a princely 2K. Along with up to $2,000.00 per year just to maintain your license–after you get it back a year later. Bet you can find another use for $8,000.00

Go early, leave late: Many people will also be heading to the beach, so beat the early birds and leave first thing in the morning–you’ll have a calmer trip, easier parking and the opportunity to snag your favorite part of the beach. Leave later and you’ll have more room to yourself on the drive home. Fine: Zero! And you’ll be rewarded with a more peaceful day.

Remember to have fun over the weekend

Summer is the time to make lasting memories with your family–before you know it, you’ll be toting your grandkids to the beach! Set a good example and stay safe. Your choices will protect your family now, and well into the future.

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