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These are the most Dangerous Intersections in Houston

Tylka Law attorneys often work with car accident and hit and run victims in Houston.  We have seen many clients over the years, and notice a trend of where many accidents take place.  This post goes over the where and why of dangerous intersections of Houston.

Overall Deadliest Car Accidents – Bissonnet Street & W. Sam Houston Pkwy

Per a Texas Department of Transportation 2015 report, the deadliest intersection in Houston is where West Sam Houston Parkway connects to Bissonnet street.  While the cause of these crashes is unknown, most reports point to distracted driving (particularly during rush hour).  If you use this intersection to get to and from work or school, please be careful.

Car and Semi-Truck Accidents – Federal Rd. & Market Street [Houston’s Industrial Park]

Being a major metropolis, Houston is home to many diverse industries.  Oil and shipping are among the largest of these industries, and this is noticeable around the Greensport industrial terminals.  A major connection to the industrial terminals from Highway 10 is the Federal Road and Market Street intersection.  Hundreds of 18-wheelers pass through this intersection on a daily basis, and they sometimes carry dangerous loads such as gasoline and volatile chemicals.  If you are traveling through this intersection, be careful.  There are many tired and over-worked semi-truck drivers in this area.

University of Houston Pedestrian Accidents – Wheeler Ave., Calhoun Rd. & MLK Blvd.

The University of Houston, which features over 40,000 enrolled students, has a main campus address on Calhoun road.  A major intersection here includes the merging of Wheeler Ave and Martin Luther King Blvd, and Calhoun road feeds into these streets.  While there are many pedestrian accidents (including deadly hit and runs) on Calhoun road alone, the merge between MLK and Wheeler make this intersection especially dangerous.  This merge has a 45 degree turn, limiting visibility under some circumstances.  Furthermore, students that drink in nearby dorms and Greek housing jaywalk this intersection at night.  Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, be careful in this area.

Tylka Law Firm – Houston Car Accident Lawyers

If you are in an accident, remain calm and call 9-1-1.  If you are able to move without harm to yourself or others, check on other drivers and passengers.  Begin to take pictures and video of the scene.  If you have road flares or other emergency equipment that may redirect other drivers, safely mark the areas you are in.  Tylka Law recommends having the number of a good car accident lawyer on hand.  A car accident attorney can protect you during a tough time and get you money and claims for auto damages and medical problems.  If you need assistance, give us a call at (281) 557-1500 anytime day or night.

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