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Galveston County Lawsuit Claims Negligence in Firearm Storage

Short Shotgun Used in Galveston County Shooting

On May 18th, 2018, residents in Santa Fe, Texas went through a tragedy.  A shooter at Santa Fe High School killed multiple students and teachers, and wounded over many others.  One of the victims, a substitute teacher, was Cynthia Tisdale.  She died protecting the children and students in whose life she was trying to make a difference.  Cynthia’s husband and son were devastated by her death and came to Tylka Law for help.  On August 15th, we filed a lawsuit against the shooter and his parents.

Negligence and Civil Penalties in Texas

The shooter was a 17-year old student at Santa Fe High School (he will not be named in this article).  It is believed at this time that he used a .38 caliber pistol and sawed-off shotgun that the shooter’s parents owned.  Had such weapons been well-secured and access to such weapons been prevented, these weapons would not have been able to be used to kill and hurt so many innocent people.  It is alleged that the shooter displayed warning signs and behavior prior to the shootings.  This should have been recognized as a need for help or as a warning to make sure the weapons used were well-secured.  The combination of dangerous behavior and easy access to firearms is an obvious “tragedy waiting to happen”.

Cynthia’s family came to Tylka Law to seek a civil remedy against the shooter’s family.  On behalf of the family we filed a lawsuit in the Galveston County court system and will seek all damages and penalties available by law.  It is hoped that the many unanswered questions at this time are answered and that the community and families that are grieving find comfort and relief in the days ahead.  Such conduct should not have been allowed to occur and steps need to be taken needs prevent other tragedies like this which seem to be occurring with much to great a frequency.

A Word on Texas Gun Laws

The Santa Fe High School shooting was a tragedy that could have been easily avoided if the shooter’s parents secured their firearms.  That said, Tylka Law Firm is not here to try and politicize this shooting.  We recognize solutions for this problem on both sides of the political aisle, just as we recognize the many responsible gun owners in our State.

Questions about Galveston Civil Law?

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