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Cruise Line Laws Debated After Crash

A collision on a busy Venice canal incites calls for banning cruise ships in the area. On Sunday, the MSC Opera cruise liner lost control and smashed into the docks and a smaller passenger boat.  5 people were injured, and property damage is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The MSC Cruise Line told the Washington Post that as the ship experienced a “technical issue” as it moved to the docks for mooring.

Cruise Ship Injuries are Surprisingly Common

When we think of getting on a cruise ship, we generally think of an all-inclusive vacation.  Lots of great food, (sometimes) an open bar, and plenty of entertainment.  Oftentimes cruise liners can be negligent in their duties, causing millions of dollars in personal injury and property damage yearly.

Taking a Cruise Line Company to Court is Complicated

When one books a cruise, they receive a ticket to embark onto the ship. On the back of that ticket is a contract that details lawsuits in very fine print. In the case of most major cruise liners, they require you to file any lawsuit or mediate in Miami, Florida, even if the start and end to your cruise are nowhere near Miami.

Taking a cruise line company to court is complicated.  Travel logistics, venue and jurisdiction, and finding the right attorney to help takes a lot of time out of your day.

Tylka Law Firm cruise ship attorneys have successfully taken on multiple cruise liners when they negligently harmed their passengers.  Read up on one of our recent cases, “Cyndie” here: https://www.tylkalawfirm.com/cases/cruise-ship-injuries-lawsuits-miami-galveston/

We are Texas & Florida-based Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys

If you need a Galveston or Miami-based Cruise Ship attorney, contact Tylka Law Firm today. Tylka Law attorneys will protect you during a tough time, and get you money and claims for medical problems. We can even help you travel to and from court. We have helped many cruise ship injury victims get several million dollars in claims. If you need assistance, give us a call at (281) 557-1500 anytime day or night.


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