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Winner of Million Dollar Lawsuit

Bad Faith & Insurance Disputes

Insurance Coverage Disputes | Bad Faith Lawsuits

You purchase an insurance policy as protection, hoping you will never need it. The insurance companies gladly take your premiums, also hoping you never invoke the policy. Only after you file a claim do you find out that insurance is a rigged game.

The Tylka Law Firm in League City, Texas, is on your side. We don’t work for the insurance companies. We represent people like you whose legitimate claims are delayed, undervalued or flatly denied. We can step in to represent your rights and we have successfully sued insurers for acting in bad faith to evade their contractual obligations.

We handle bad faith insurance litigation and coverage disputes in Galveston County, Harris County and throughout Texas. We are not afraid to do battle with the largest insurers in the country. arrange a free case evaluation for a free consultation.

Texas Insurance Litigation Attorney

Attorney arrange a free case evaluation has handled disputes and bad faith lawsuits arising from:

  • Auto accidents (uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage)
  • Hurricane/wind/flood insurance
  • Long term care insurance
  • Medical insurance claims
  • Private disability insurance
  • Fire loss and other property damage
  • Umbrella policies

The insurer may be within its rights to deny your claim if you are not covered under the terms. But insurance companies don’t always rely on actual policies to deny coverage. They stand on petty technicalities. They avoid paying policy limits. They try to trick you into giving statements that can be used against you. They are skilled at the art of the run-around, hoping that you will give up.

The Tylka Law Firm can help you get their attention. Our lawyer will negotiate on your behalf to obtain a legitimate policy interpretation or we will file suit on your behalf.

Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

Bad faith means that the insurer is knowingly and wrongfully refusing to pay a reasonable claim. If we win your case, the insurance company must pay the claim, your attorney fees and treble (triple) damages as punishment.

When Justice Matters … We Will Be There for Our Clients

Don’t give up. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Call the Tylka Law Firm at 713-829-6048 to arrange a free case evaluation with a Galveston and Houston insurance dispute attorney.


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