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We are committed to helping people get results and find solutions to all of their legal problems. That commitment is evident in all parts of the firm’s law practice, which includes personal injury, family law, criminal defense and commercial law. Founded on Galveston Island, we are proud to be a part of the strength and heritage of this community.

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Winner of Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Winner of Million Dollar Lawsuit

Texas Case Results

  • When is the Semi-Truck Driver at Fault?

    Tylka Law attorneys frequently see 18-wheeler legal cases.  In many instances, drivers or their families incorrectly think they are at fault during a car accident.  This is the story of one of our clients who we’ll call “Dave”. The Scene of the Accident Dave was killed while returning home from a trip in north Texas. …

  • We Helped Lower a Motorcycle Accident Victim’s Medical Bills over 90%

    A good lawyer will help you in the courtroom, but a great lawyer can help you out of the courtroom. We helped one of our clients drop his medical bills from $400k to just $4k.

  • Cruise Ship Injuries & Lawsuits – A Case Study

    We helped an injured Galvestonian take a cruise ship company to court in Miami, Florida. She got 7x her medical costs.

  • Airplane Crash in the Gulf of Mexico Prompts Lawsuit

    Summertime activities around the Gulf are typically safe and fun.  However, on occasion a simple problem can lead to a much greater one.  This is especially true when it comes to flying.  A simple trip from Baytown to Sarasota should have been easy, but unfortunately one thing lead to another. Electrical Problems Lead to Plane…

  • A Common Law Marriage Case in League City

    Many people live together and hold each other out as husband and wife. However, when the relationship ends arguments about whether you were married and to what you are entitled can take place. Texas has strict laws about what it takes to be common law married and how to prove the marriage exists and what,…

  • Galveston Texas Workplace Injury Settlement

    Workplace injuries are oftentimes caused by unsafe working conditions.  In some instances, business insurance companies have bylines or caveats that will allow them to forego payment if they deem the workplace conditions to be unsafe.  In either case, a worker injured on the job often finds it difficult to get the payment he deserves and…

  • Orange County Texas Auto Accident, Grinage v. Cessac

    Tylka Law car accident lawyers see many cases involving insurance companies underpaying for medical procedures needed after an accident. This is one such case.

  • Criminal Defense Matters: Texas v. Daniel Hagood

    Tylka Law lawyers often deal with criminal defense cases.  While yes, some of our defendants are guilty, a surprising number are innocent.  Many Galveston attorneys turned down one man we defended.  Read his story below. The Scene The State of Texas charged Daniel Hagood with attempted capital murder by arson in Galveston County.  The district…

  • 18-Wheeler Accident Mediation, Bastrop Texas

    Tylka Law attorneys frequently see 18-wheeler legal cases.  While we find that many of our clients are badly injured due to negligent drivers or training, we also find that compensation given to our clients often does not cover medical fees.  This is one instance where a client needed our help to get medical treatment they…

  • Lopez v. Pena & Alton Transport, Galveston County, Texas Probate Court

    Due to the sheer force of a truck, 18-wheeler accidents cause some of the worst accidents.  They cause substantially more damage than typical cars, and easily lead to death.  The case we fought below details one of the sadder examples we’ve come across. The Scene of the Truck Accident Christina Lopez, an 11 year old…

Notable Cases Tylka Law Firm Has Handled:

  • Settled BP explosion personal injury claims.
  • Haygood acquitted of attempted capital murder charge, Lawrence M. Tylka, attorney.
  • Achieved a million-dollar settlement of a Jones Act seaman death case.
  • Achieved a confidential settlement of a products liability claim involving a closed head injury to a minor child.
  • Sued the University of Texas Medical School — Galveston and others for body selling.
  • Sued the University of Texas Medical School — Galveston to recover a wrongfully retained body.
  • Filed suit and seized the Pride of Galveston Cruise Ship for unpaid salaries and personal injuries of crew members.