Tylka Law Defended a Man That No One Else Would

A Texas Courtroom.Tylka Law lawyers often deal with criminal defense cases.  While yes, some of our defendants are guilty, a surprising number are innocent.  Many Galveston attorneys turned down one man we defended.  Read his story below.

The Scene

The State of Texas charged Daniel Hagood with attempted capital murder by arson in Galveston County.  The district attorney and prosecutor argued that the victim was a paraplegic and Daniel Hagood’s ex-wife.  Because of ongoing child custody, child support disputes and that his ex-wife remarried, the State of Texas argued that Daniel Hagood tied up the victim and set her house on fire with her in it.  Neighbors broke into the house to help the alleged victim to safety. The alleged victim testified that Daniel Hagood made several threatening phone calls before the alleged attack and that he was violent toward her during their marriage.

The prosecutor called several witnesses to testify that they saw Daniel Hagood lurking around the home days before the house fire.  Another witness placed Daniel Hagood at the house shortly before the fire.  Witnesses allegedly identified Daniel Hagood from a photographic lineup.

Tylka Law’s Criminal Defense

The more we dug into this case, the more we found inconsistencies and unfair practices by the prosecution.  Criminal Defense Lawyer Larry Tylka challenged the prosecution on several fronts.  The photographic lineup used by the police and prosecutor was unfair.  According to Larry, the presentations of the photographic lineup lead Daniel Hagood to be identified more often than not. Larry also challenged eyewitness testimony by showing that the witnesses met with the prosecutor at the home of the victim where the photographs of Daniel Hagood were on display before they were asked to pick him out of a photographic lineup.

Larry Tylka also discredited the fire expert of the State of Texas as to cause and origin of where and how the fire began.  Evidence was introduced showing that house fires occurred during the period of marriage between the victim and Daniel Hagood and while Mr. Hagood was away.  This resulted in the victim receiving secondary benefits that included insurance proceeds, money, other gifts, and attention.  In addition, Larry challenged the victim’s credibility based upon prior behavior and actions.

The Verdict

The Galveston County Jury returned a Not Guilty Verdict resulting the dismissal and acquitting of Daniel Hagood of the charges.  Tylka Law is very proud to have defended a man that no one else would.