Maritime Law Requires Cruise Liners to Take Care of their Passengers

A luxury cruise ship anchors in the water as passengers are taken by ferry to the local tropical island for a day of sun and fun.

Federal maritime law requires cruise ships to take care of their passengers. This includes keeping hallways clear and placing signs in or near dangerous areas, and appropriately tending to any passenger injury. This courtesy was not given to a lady we’ll call “Cyndie”, who spent much of her cruise in a lot of pain.

Injuries On Cruise Ships are Unfortunately Common

Cyndie and her family embarked on a large, popular cruise ship liner. At the start of every journey, all passengers must attend a safety briefing. This safety briefing goes over things like escape routes, safety equipment, and lifeboats. As all passengers mustered simultaneously, the hallways leading to the safety meeting became overcrowded. In the commotion, Cyndie slipped on a food tray that maid service left outside someone’s room.

Cyndie immediately felt pain in her foot and lower back, so she put in a request to be seen by the ship’s doctor. While the onboard doctor said she was fine and sent her out, Cyndie spent the rest of her cruise in pain. She decided to visit her primary care physician when she got home, and found out that her pinky toe was broken and ankle fractured. She was required to get a boot and receive physical therapy. Her medical bills were very high, so she decided to bring a lawsuit against the cruise ship company.

Taking a Cruise Line Company to Court is Complicated

When one books a cruise, they receive a ticket to embark onto the ship. On the back of that ticket is a contract that details lawsuits in very fine print. In the case of most major cruise liners, they require you to file any lawsuit or mediate in Miami, Florida, even if the start and end to your cruise are nowhere near Miami.

While Tylka Law Firm is based in Galveston and League City, we have a satellite office in Florida and frequently handle cruise ship cases. We helped Cyndie file her lawsuit in Miami, and settled for 7x her medical costs!

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