A Galveston Motorcyclist Faced over $400,000 in Medical Bills

Texas Motorcycle Attorney Larry Tylka can Help You get Financial CompensationWhile car accidents can often result in serious injury, more often than not, motorcycle injuries are almost always serious involving loss of life, limbs, paralysis, scarring and impairment. This was the case of one of our clients we’ll call “John”.

Motorcycle Accidents are common along the Galveston Seawall

John was riding his motorcycle along the Galveston Seawall one sunny afternoon, when a motorist failed to yield and turned into him.  Drivers are distracted by pedestrians, traffic and other scenery, so accidents along the Seawall are unfortunately common.  John collided with the car and broke his ankle badly.  Doctors said that John had the option to remove his leg under the knee or fuse his ankle.  After his many surgeries and physical therapy, his medical bills were well over $400,000.

Underinsured Drivers may not be able to pay full damages

$30,000 is the minimum insurance policy a motorist is required to carry in the State of Texas.  This means that if a motorist carrying the minimum hits you, the insurance company will only pay $30k.  If the motorist at fault cannot come up with the rest, you are paying out of pocket for any bills.  In John’s case, this was close to $370,000!

Motorcycle Accident & Injury Attorneys can help beyond the courtroom

Tylka Law Firm attorneys approach these cases in a variety of ways, one of which is reducing medical bills.  We applied this tactic to John’s case.  We were able to reduce his medical bills substantially so when the case was closed, the medical bills were paid at a substantially lower amount.  John also got a recovery.

If you own and ride a motorcycle in the State of Texas, we recommend purchasing uninsured and underinsured motorist protection coverage, as well as personal injury protection benefits.  Regardless of the law, many people do not have automobile insurance coverage, and even if they do, they carry only the minimum.  Protect yourself from these situations.  Your insurance coverage may be more expensive but it may be the best investment you make.

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