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Winner of Million Dollar Lawsuit

Deceptive Trade Practices

False Advertising • Misrepresentation • Breach of Contract or Warranty

If you suffered physical injury or economic loss because of a broken promise, misleading information or outright fraud, you may have legal remedies under consumer protection laws of Texas.

Business law attorney Lawrence M. Tylka has successfully sued companies for deceptive trade practices relating to the sale of goods or services. If your complaints to the management or ownership were ignored or you want to know your legal rights, The Tylka Law Firm handles consumer fraud and misrepresentation cases in Galveston County, Harris County and surrounding areas of Texas.

League City Business Tort Litigation Law Firm

Our lawyer has secured monetary damages, reimbursement or other remedy in a wide range of cases:

  • A client who ordered the “boneless” chicken breast at Wyatt’s Cafeteria swallowed a piece of bone and required a $50,000 surgery to repair damage to her larynx.
  • A basketball pole was advertised as able to withstand “normal wear and tear.” Our client was injured when the rim shattered and fell on his head.
  • We have held Wal-Mart and Home Depot accountable for selling defective windows and for substandard installation services that did not live up to the advertising.
  • We have sued auto repair shops for charging for parts not actually installed or work not actually performed.

Our cases have involved aspects of product liability, breach of contract, breach of warranty, false advertising and bait-and-switch schemes. Mr. Tylka is knowledgeable about the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) and applicable laws and skilled at putting pressure on the offenders to make amends. No business wants a trail of complaints, lawsuits and judgments, and if we prove intentional misrepresentation at a trial, the business is liable for treble (triple) damages plus attorney fees.

When Justice Matters… Mediation Can Resolve Complex Problems

If you feel you were deceived or preyed upon, we provide an honest assessment of your case and aggressive action to make things right. Arrange your free initial consultation with a Texas deceptive trade practices attorney.

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The Tylka Law Firm & Mediation Center provides a neutral space for dispute resolution with certified mediator Larry Tylka. Contact us online or by phone to discuss these services.

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