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Winner of Million Dollar Lawsuit

Lawrence M. Tylka: A Texas-Certified Mediator

Litigation is expensive in terms of money, stress and time. For many individuals and businesses, it makes good sense to resolve problems as quickly and fairly as possible.

Because of the growing importance of mediation, the Tylka Law Firm & Mediation Center in League City, Texas, has mediation facilities that are used by clients throughout Texas. Certified League City mediation attorney Lawrence M. Tylka mediates disputes in the center and at other locations in Texas. Call us now. We can help.

A Neutral Third Party Can Help Resolve Issues

In the Houston and Galveston area and throughout Texas, mediation attorney Lawrence M. Tylka has built a reputation for his philosophy of mediation and for resolving issues in complex cases. Litigation can take years with an outcome that may not be to either party’s liking. In mediation, however, both parties have the opportunity to thoroughly express their concerns.

At the Tylka Law Firm & Mediation Center, the parties are allowed to present their claims and defenses in a general session. Thereafter, the parties are usually separated and allowed the opportunity to speak their minds and discuss the issues in a private session with the mediator to try to form agreements that will help resolve their differences. The parties are represented by their own lawyers to assure that all relevant issues are heard and the agreement reached is fair.

Mediation is helpful in a wide range of disputes including:

  • Family law, divorce, property settlement, child custody
  • Personal injury, car and truck accident injury damages, medical malpractice, workplace accidents
  • Commercial law, insurance disputes, breach of contract, partnership disputes, breach of fiduciary duty

When Justice Matters… Mediation Can Resolve Complex Problems

Call our Galveston mediators today. Arrange your free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer by calling us at:

  • 281-557-1500 in League City/Clear Lake
  • 409-762-0066 in Galveston/Texas City
  • 713-829-6048 Lawrence Tylka’s emergency cellphone line

The Tylka Law Firm & Mediation Center provides a neutral space for dispute resolution with certified mediator Larry Tylka. Contact us online or by phone to discuss mediation services.

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