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Surgical Errors

Surgeons do not like to admit making mistakes. Still, surgical mistakes can — and do — happen, and the results can be deadly. At the Tylka Law Firm, we represent people who have been injured due to surgical error. We also represent the surviving families of people who passed away during the course of otherwise routine surgery.At our League City, Texas, law firm, we use 25 years of experience to achieve the best possible results in surgical error cases. We understand that patients pay for surgical errors with pain, suffering, disability and loss. We know that nothing can ever make things the same, but we firmly believe that negligent surgeons should be held accountable for their actions. When justice matters, we will be there for you.Our Texas surgical error lawyers handle cases related to many different types of negligent actions, including:

  • Surgery performed on the wrong site
  • The wrong type of surgery performed for the condition
  • Misuse of medical instruments
  • Medical tools left in the body cavity after surgery
  • Post-surgical infections, including MRSA and staph infections

There are many reasons for these surgical errors. Sometimes the surgeons involved are simply too inexperienced for the complex surgery in which they are involved. Other times, the experienced surgeons involved are too tired or overworked to make the proper decisions. Equipment also fails, and support staff working under the surgeon can make critical mistakes.

When our law firm takes a surgical error case, we begin with a thorough and complete investigation. We compare your surgeon’s actions with those of other similar surgeons. If we find the errors were the cause of injury, we will take forceful action under the law.

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