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Aviation Accidents

Texas Attorney Representing Accident Victims of Commercial Airline, Private Plane, Charters, Helicopter Crashes

Aviation accidents are nearly always fatal or result in serious injuries. Determining the cause of an aviation accident takes an experienced attorney who knows how to assemble a team of investigators.

At the Tylka Law Firm, you will meet a League City aviation accident lawyer with a thorough knowledge of aircraft accidents and the determination to get to the truth of these accidents and to obtain compensation for seriously injured clients and the families of fatal victims. Call us now. We can help.

Pilot Error, Inadequate Maintenance and Aging Aircraft May Be the Cause of an Aviation Accident

When justice matters, whatever the cause of an aviation accident, an attorney can help you and your family understand what happened. Pilot error, maintenance, aircraft design errors. manufacturing mistakes or other negligence may have caused the crash.

In a down economy, an aging commercial airline industry has postponed the purchase of new planes. That places an added burden on maintenance. Mistakes are costly, especially in terms of lives lost. A plane crash can kill passengers and crews on impact, in an explosion or by fire. It is important to know how the crash happened so that the families can have closure and compensation that allows individuals and families to move forward while encouraging improvement and correction from the airline industry.

Whether the crash involved a charter plane accident, a commercial airliner crash, a helicopter accident or a private plane crash, attorney Lawrence M. Tylka wants to hear about it and help you and your family.

When Justice Matters … We Will Be There for Our Clients

The Tylka Law Firm provides free personal injury consultations. Contact us online by phone about an airplane crash or any other accident that causes serious injury or wrongful death.

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