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Defective Tires

When a Defective Tire Causes a Car or Truck Accident

How a tire is designed, made, cured, packaged, stored and used can all have an effect on how that tire performs. If the tire is defective, that defect can be the cause or one of the causes of a serious accident.

If you suspect a tire defect caused an auto accident, talk to a product liability lawyer at the Tylka Law Firm in Galveston, Texas. Our investigators look not for the easiest explanation for a car or truck accident, but for every explanation. Call us now. We can help.

Tire Defects Can Cause or Contribute to Serious Car and Truck Accidents

A dangerous tire is often the result of careless manufacturing — and the manufacturer should be held accountable. In some cases, especially in truck accidents, a maintenance crew might put a retread on the wrong axle. A retailer may stack and store tires in a manner that causes defects.

However the tire defect happened, talk to a lawyer who has experience with tire defect investigations and with litigating against major manufacturers, trucking companies and retailers.

A tire defect can cause loss of control that results in a car or truck flipping or rolling. Any degree of variance in manufacturing, storing or maintaining tires can affect the tire’s durability.

Your personal injury and product liability attorney can explain your rights in a tire defect case.

Tire Defects Can Cause Other Serious Injuries

A dangerous tire can cause massive trauma even when being handled ordinarily.  If you were inflating a tire and it blew up, the tire belting, rubber, or other components may not have been properly put together.  Explosions due to tire inflation have been known to cause injury and death.

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