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Premises Liability

Texas Slip-and-Fall Attorney: When a Commercial Establishment Is Not Safe

If a slip and fall accident or an accident caused by falling merchandise or debris was caused by a failure to keep premises safe, talk to a premises liability lawyer.

League City premises liability attorney Lawrence M. Tylka represents clients who have been injured because of the negligence of others. Call us now. We can help.

At the Tylka Law Firm in Galveston County, Texas, your lawyer can explain your personal injury rights and ensure that you obtain the compensation you need and deserve. Call us now. We can help.

Owners Are Responsible for Keeping Premises Safe

When owners fail to meet that responsibility, people who walk through, work in, shop in or enjoy a facility can be in danger. A slip and fall on a slippery surface can cause serious injuries, including a head injury, back injury or broken bones. If a poorly stacked pile of merchandise falls on a customer, the injuries could include a traumatic brain injury or broken bones.

Not every fall on a slippery surface is cause for a lawsuit. But if the owner was aware of the danger and failed to repair the problem in a reasonable time, the owner can be held liable for injuries.

Negligent security is an important part of premises liability law. An unlighted parking lot, a broken alarm system or broken locks offer an opportunity for criminal assault. If the owner is aware of the danger and does nothing to protect customers and visitors, the owner can be liable for the resulting injuries.

Visitors should be able to expect swimming pools, playgrounds, day care centers and play areas to be safe for children.

When Justice Matters … We Will Be There for Our Clients

Tylka Law Firm provides free premises liability consultations. If you have been injured because of a dangerous premises, contact us online or by phone now. Talk to Mr. Tylka, an experienced premises liability lawyer. We protect the rights of injured people.

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