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Electric Shock Injury and Death

Contact with live electrical wires causes serious and lasting injuries, if not death. If your loved one’s electrocution or electric shock accident occurred on the job, you need to know that you may have additional legal claims beyond workers’ compensation.

The Tylka Law Firm has more than 25 years of experience representing victims of work-related electrical injuries. We have secured compensation in a wide range of injury and wrongful death cases by demonstrating the negligence that led to the tragedy and by demonstrating the needs and losses of our clients.

We handle electrocution and electrical shock cases in Galveston County and Houston and throughout Texas. You can call us 24 hours a day on our emergency line (713-829-6048) for a free consultation and prompt action.

League City Work Injury Lawyer

League City electrocution injury attorney, Larry Tylka has represented work injury victims and families of electrocuted persons in a wide range of occupations and scenarios:

  • Crew members on ships or offshore oil rigs
  • Cruise ship employees or passengers
  • Construction workers
  • Oil refinery and chemical plant workers
  • Utility company linemen
  • Railroad workers
  • Swimming pool and hot tub accidents
  • Ladders in contact with overhead wires
  • Electrical appliance accidents

When electricity goes through the body, it can result in severe electrical burns, cardiac arrest or heart arrhythmia, damage to the central nervous system, organ damage or brain damage. These serious and catastrophic injuries are often irreversible, requiring nursing or assisted care, rehabilitation and expensive medications to manage the pain.

In building a case for compensation, we consider medical and personal care, extent of permanent disability, lost earning capacity, and damages for pain and suffering.

We have sued utility companies, manufacturers, construction site subcontractors and property owners for negligence or defective products leading to electrical accidents. Whether the shock occurred in the workplace, at the home of a family member or neighbor, or on public property, we will explore all possible avenues of compensation.

When Justice Matters… We Will Be There for Our Clients

The Tylka Law Firm has more than 25 years of experience in these cases to represent your interests, and is here to help with your questions and hardships while your case is pending. Contact us to arrange a free case evaluation with a Galveston and Houston work injury attorney.

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