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Hip/Pelvis Fracture

Fractures of the hip bone (pelvis) happen in many different situations, but are most commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall accidents. Younger patients usually suffer hip fractures in automobile accidents, while older patients are typically injured because of a fall.

While these generalizations are easy to make, each case is unique. Injury victims are often significantly affected by their injuries. Finding their lives changed forever, they need someone on their side to protect their rights.

This is the role we take at the Tylka Law Firm. Representing people throughout Texas who have suffered hip fractures due to the negligent, reckless or careless actions of another, we are dedicated to achieving the best possible results in these complex cases.

Hip Fractures and Related Injuries

In the most serious pelvic fracture cases, the organs protected by the pelvic bones can be injured when the hip breaks. This can cause embolisms, internal hemorrhaging or ruptured organs, which may lead to death. Even when there are no internal injuries, patients may never recover the mobility they had before the accident.

In every serious injury case, our Texas hip fracture attorneys start preparing the case for trial from day one. While your case may settle before trial, preparing for the courtroom helps us to obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Contact a Galveston Pelvis Fracture Lawyer

Do you need someone to turn to after a hip injury? At the Tylka Law Firm, our clients have at least one lawyer dedicated to managing their case from start to finish and always know who to turn to when they have questions or concerns.

Tylka Law Firm provides free consultations regarding legal action after a hip or pelvis fracture. Contact us online or by phone to speak with an experienced attorney about your situation.

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