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Neck Fractures

In mere seconds, an accident can cause a neck fracture that changes a life forever. At Tylka Law Firm, in League City, Texas, we know from experience that neck injuries can be much more complicated than they initially appear. We also understand that no two people heal the same or are affected by even very similar injuries in the same way either.

However, insurance companies don’t seem to care about much other than their own bottom lines. When one of their policyholders is responsible for a car accident or another type of event that causes a serious neck injury for someone else, insurance company adjusters are often quick to make the victim a “fair and generous” settlement offer. Unfortunately, this offer is rarely as fair as it may initially seem.

What most insurance adjusters know is that the initial effects of a neck injury may just be the tip of the iceberg. Complications often arise, which can permanently keep neck injury victims from participating in work, earning a living or doing things that they once enjoyed.

At the Tylka Law Firm, 25 years of experience has taught our Texas neck fractures lawyers to account for the true impact of a neck injury. We frequently work with experienced professionals who can tally the effects of an injury. We then prepare for trial, fighting for this full and fair level of compensation.

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