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CLIENT 1: The case that brought me this firm was an estate case the covers my mother and my father. They both passed away in the last year and a half and the Tylka Law Firm, Larry Tylka, has been a blessing to help us get through this. CLIENT 2: An example of what Mr. Tylka did to go above and beyond for our personal case would be that when my husband had knee surgery, we had a settlement agreement almost in place at that point in time, but it was crucial on the timing for it. David had just had knee surgery. He could not go out of the house. Mr. Tylka actually drove to our home. That was on a Sunday afternoon. I would think that’s more than above and beyond to try to help a client to get to what they needed. CLIENT 1: Larry treated us just like family. There’s no other way to put it. He cares genuinely about his clients and then it shows throughout his work in the way he stays in touch with you.

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    • Janice from Galveston, Texas– Janice Finney, Galveston Texas
      Tylka Law made the Insurance Co. pay 200x their offer!

      I was involved in what was described as a minor rear end impact. My insurance company refused to consider my claim and stated that everything I complained about was from a pre-existing condition. Later they offered me $357.00. At that point I hired Larry Tylka. He and Tyler Tylka took this case on knowing the difficulty I had with my insurance company. They filed a lawsuit and made them pay more than 200 times the offer of $357.00. After that, they went after my insurance company for underinsured motorist benefits and got an even larger recovery. I can say that I was in good hands with Larry Tylka and Tyler Tylka and will highly recommend them.
    • Clay Brown, Galveston Texas– Clay Brown, Galveston TX
      Larry Tylka made the Insurance Company Pay!

      I was hurt in a car accident when the lady in the other car crossed the center line and hit me. Surprisingly, the insurance company did not want to accept liability or take responsibility for the accident or my injuries. I was referred to Larry Tylka by a friend. He filed a lawsuit and made the insurance company take care of me.
    • Lydia Bridges, League City Texas Trucking Accident Victim– Lydia Bridges, League City TX
      We were hit by an 18-Wheeler, and Tylka Law Helped!

      I was recommended to Larry Tylka after I was involved in an 18-wheeler accident out of State. The 18-wheeler struck me and pushed my car into another vehicle. Mr. Tylka sued the driver and the 18-wheeler company in Federal court and helped us get the justice we needed. I am thankful for the recommendation and will recommend Larry Tylka and Tylka Law Firm to all my friends.
    • Default Profile Picture– Zachary Williams, Houston Texas
      The Drunk Driver Wouldn't Budge!

      My name is Zachary Williams. I was involved in a five (5) car accident on US Hwy, 290 in Houston, Texas that was caused by a drunk driver. I suffered injuries as a result of the accident for which Tylka Law Center helped me get medical attention. Larry Tylka helped me get the drunk driver to pay, settle and resolve this case. I recommend Tylka Law Center because they got the job done and they try to stop drunk drivers.
    • Default Profile Picture– Mickel Owens, Abilene TX
      I was Hurt in a Car Accident

      My name is Mickel Owens. I was hurt in a rear end automobile accident in Abilene Texas. Larry Tylka and Tyler Tylka helped me get needed medical attention and was able to settle my case and get results that were more than my expectations. Larry and Tyler Tylka were great!
    • Default Profile Picture– Michael Moon and Susan Reaves, Houston TX
      A Great Car Accident Attorney

      Our names are Michael Moon and Susan Reaves. My mother and I were recommended to Larry Tylka and Tylka Law Firm after we were struck from the rear on the north freeway service road in Houston, Texas and suffered injury. Mr. Tylka helped us get and obtain needed medical and chiropractic attention. Mr. Tylka was able to get us more than we expected. He and his staff treated us like family. We are thankful for the recommendation and will recommend Larry Tylka and Tylka Law Firm to all our family and friends.
    • Marcie Norton, Pearland TX Car Accident Victim– Marcie Norton, Pearland TX
      I Can't Recommend Larry Tylka Enough!

      My name is Marcie Norton. My friend recommended me to Larry Tylka after I was involved in a car accident. The person who hit me was using the center turn lane as a regular lane of travel and hit me as I was attempting to make a turn. Although the person who caused the accident and my injuries was not insured, Mr. Tylka successfully made an uninsured motorist claim and resolved this matter for me. I am thankful for the recommendation and will recommend Larry Tylka and Tylka Law Firm to all my friends.
    • John Short, Jefferson City Texas Bus Accident Victim– John Short, Jefferson County TX
      I was in a Commercial Automobile Accident

      My name is John Short. I was referred to Larry Tylka by another lawyer after I was hurt in a commercial automobile accident. Larry Tylka and his office staff were great. They were able to achieve a settlement that exceeded my expectations. I will recommend Larry Tylka and his law firm to my friends and family.
    • Default Profile Picture– Cathy Stumpf, League City TX
      Tylka Law Firm is the Best!

      I took my mother to the Tylka Law Center to handle a legal matter. We met with Mr. Larry Tylka and were impressed with his professionalism and knowledge concerning our legal questions. I would highly recommend the Tylka Law Center to anyone needing legal advice.
    • – Anonymous, Houston TX
      The Best Attorney for Maritime Law

      "The Tylka Law Firm got me Incredible results in a very difficult legal matter. I would not use anybody else. I have referred him friends and family members who all say the same thing. Larry is the go-to lawyer if you need something done. He's available 24 hours a day. I know because I've called him!"
    • – Elizabeth, Galveston TX
      Honest and Kind

      Larry Tylka has been a very honest, loving, and caring lawyer. God Will bless him and keep people like him under His wing all the time. Thanks!
    • – Dr. Garfield – League City, TX
      An Outstanding Attorney!!!!!

      I was recommended to Larry Tylka by a friend 8 years ago with a serious situation. I have had many complications in my life that needed the attention of an attorney. He has always comfort me and reassured me that things will work out fine. He is an outstanding professional lawyer and I have always recommended him to friends and strangers. Every time I was thanked by these people for my recommendation.If you've been involved in an accident, auto or work or any other legal issue, Call Larry Tylka immediately!He's a Five Star Attorney out of Five Stars!! You will love this guy!!"
    • Default Profile Picture– Reynol Lopez, Galveston Texas
      My Wife and I were Injured in a Car Wreck

      My wife and I were rear ended on 61st Street in Galveston, Texas. As a result of the car accident we were injured. Mr. Tylka helped us get the medical attention we needed. Because the insurance company did not treat us fairly, Mr. Tylka filed a lawsuit to get us what we were entitled. We recommend Larry Tylka because he really cares and does what it takes.
    • Default Profile Picture– Jeannette Turnlinson, Alvin Texas
      A Drunk Driver Hit Me!

      I was hit from behind while stopped at a red light in Alvin, Texas, by a drunk driver whose license was suspended. Instead of trying to resolve this matter, the insurance company refused to help me. Larry Tylka helped me obtain medical treatment, filed a lawsuit, and got it settled. With the efforts of Tylka Law Center, I hope we have made a difference in trying to protect people from drunk drivers and the way insurance companies take care of those injured by the people they insure.
    • Default Profile Picture– Martin V, Galveston TX
      Helped Win a Settlement from Insurance!

      My name is Martin Villarreal. I got hurt in a multiple vehicle automobile collision. No one wanted to admit fault. Because the driver's involved did not have insurance or had insufficient insurance, I also had to sue my insurance carrier. Mr. Tylka had to file suit to help me get that which I was entitled to rather than accept what the insurance company was offering. Regardless if I had an appointment, Mr. Tylka would always make time to meet with me. Mr. Tylka and his staff were fantastic. They treated me like family. Not only were they able to negotiate a settlement with the the insurance carriers of the drivers involved, they were able to negotiate my medical liens that the doctors, hospitals, medical providers and/or licensed holders had for me to my satisfaction. I have and will continue to recommend Larry Tylka and Tylka Law Firm to all my friends.
    • Car Accident Attorney Larry Tylka with client Luis Aguillon-Ramos– Luis Aguillon-Ramos, League City TX
      Helped Win a Settlement from Insurance!

      My name is Luis Aguillon-Ramos. I was hurt in an automobile collision. Mr. Tylka had to file suit to help get me that which I was entitled to rather than accept what the insurance company was offering. Mr. Tylka and his staff were awesome. They went above and beyond my expectations. I will continue to recommend Larry Tylka and Tylka Law Firm to all my friends.
    • Larry Tylka helped the Requena family get insurance claims after an auto crash!– Samuel and Brenda Requena, Texas City TX
      Tylka Law Helped Us After a Car Wreck

      We are Samuel and Brenda Requena. We got hurt in an automobile wreck in Texas City. The man who hit us had an insurance company that did not want to work with us. We hired Larry Tylka upon recommendation of a friend. We are so glad we did. He filed a lawsuit and made them and their lawyers get this case settled. They explained everything about what they were doing, how they were doing it and they made it happen. I do not know what we would have done without him and his staff. They were fabulous.

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