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Winner of Million Dollar Lawsuit

Industrial Accident Attorney Serving the Houston and Galveston Area

As the massive Gulf Coast oil spill has shown, industrial accidents have an impact far beyond the oil rig, refinery or manufacturing facility. When toxic materials are released, it creates both public health hazards and private property damage.

The Tylka Law Firm represents employees and local citizens who have suffered acute injury, death, health problems or economic loss linked to a chemical leak or spill. We handle cases in Galveston County and Houston, statewide in Texas and nationwide. Call our emergency line (713-829-6048) 24 hours a day for a free consultation.

Plant Explosions • Chemical Leaks • Oil Spills

When a catastrophic leak or explosion occurs at a chemical plant, the plant management sounds an alarm and city officials issue a public warning. Local residents may be told to stay in their homes, close windows and turn off air conditioners to avoid breathing airborne toxins. Sometimes, however, the spill is too massive or warnings are not timely enough to protect the public.

Personal injury lawyer Lawrence M. Tylka has handled both individual lawsuits and class action claims against British Petroleum (BP), Dow, Monsanto and other major corporations for the resulting harm:

  • Health effects: chemical burns, respiratory distress and flu-like symptoms, central nervous system damage or brain damage, leukemia and other cancers
  • Environmental damage: groundwater contamination, air pollution, surface toxins
  • Economic damage: business loss, diminished home values, damaged crops

We consult with physicians, toxicologists and other medical specialists who can link our clients’ specific health problems to toluene, benzene, methanes, styrenes, carbon monoxide and other chemical compounds and byproducts of the energy and petrochemical industries.

We also work with environmental and industrial experts to establish the cause of the accident, why the spill was not contained and why the public was not notified more quickly (or not at all). Punitive damages may apply if the accident resulted from gross negligence or intentional disregard for safety.

Texas Environmental Accident Attorney

We have more than 25 years of experience in Houston and Galveston County handling a wide range of chemical spill cases: plant explosions, train derailments, loading/off-loading from ships, leaks or illegal dumping of toxic waste and oil rig spills.

When Justice Matters… We Will Be There for Our Clients

The Tylka Law Firm understands how devastating these accidents can be to your health, your well-being, your family and your ability to earn a living. We are committed to holding the negligent parties to justice and seeking full compensation and justice on your behalf. Contact us day or night for a free evaluation of your potential claims and skilled representation by our Galveston chemical leak lawyer.


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